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Vault Manager

Nueva Orleans, Luisiana, EE. UU. Sol. nº 768
martes, 23 de noviembre de 2021
•    Complete and maintain scheduling/routing on daily basis
•    Oversight and coordination of route, and dispatch functions
•    Controlling the costs of operations
•    Safety of employees, vehicles, and facilities through training, monitoring and enforcement of policies and procedures
•    Security of cargo and terminal through training, monitoring, and enforcement of policies and procedures
•    Investigating accidents and processing required paperwork
•    Developing and maintaining customer service capabilities among all operations staff.
•    Responding to customer inquiries and/or complaints
•    Coordinating with sales, other branches and departments, District and corporate staff, other carriers, and vendors
•    Controlling overtime hours. Monitoring employee vacation schedules. Maintaining effectiveness and efficiency of operational functions
•    Short and long range operational planning to meet branch goals
•    Communication with all employees to immediately resolve any outstanding issues and/or complaints
•    Completion of any and all additional responsibilities that are assigned by the Branch Manager and/or other Management Team Members on an “as needed” basis
•    Knowledge of transit vault, coin vault and CMS operations
•    Consult with and accept advise/direction from the Operations/Branch Manager on a daily basis
•    Responsible for training, counseling, disciplining, conduct and evaluation of employees under their direction on a daily basis
•    Communicate with customers on a regular basis
•    Communication with sales and administration on an “as needed” basis regarding updates of service and customers, and payroll issues
•    Assume limited responsibilities during the absence of the Operations/Branch Manager on an “as needed” basis
•    Direct operations to meet broad branch objectives, within policy guidelines
•    Direct vault operations, including structure and scheduling, establish procedure, enforce policy
•    Profitability of branch, as related to quality and efficiency of operations; operation cost within guidelines, as provided
•    Control of losses through implementation of effective risk management, training, supervision, and discipline
•    Control of damages and injuries, through implementation of safety programs, training, supervision and discipline
•    High level of observable safety, security and effectiveness of operating practices and use of equipment
•    Leadership by example – modeling appropriate behaviors; and regular observation/ monitoring of route activities and crew needs
•    Self-development and subordinates through on the job training and other training
•    Analyze complex factors to decide appropriate actions, and resolve situations not covered by set policies or procedures
•    Ensure proper balancing of the vault daily for each shift
•    Timely completion of monthly commitments as assigned by Operations/Branch

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  • Nueva Orleans, Luisiana, EE. UU.