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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Stevenson School is looking for several trip leaders for our “Sophomore Wilderness Expedition.” This is an 11 day backpacking course in Henry Coe State Park March 18-28. There are also two staff training trips on 12/11 - 12/13 and 2/26- 2/28. Current WFR and CPR certifications are required as is passing a LiveScan background check. Competitive daily pay rates, enrollment in our hosted WFR recertification course (if needed), etc.

BRIEF PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Stevenson Wilderness Expedition is a voluntary 11-day backpacking trip for students aged 14-16 yrs. Coed crews of 8-10 students are accompanied by one – two outdoor educator (adults) and two to three student (11th and 12th grade) leaders, as they travel through the Ventana Wilderness or Henry Coe State Park. The primary purpose of the Expedition is to provide personal growth opportunities to the students. Field crews are supported by a Base Camp that provides logistical and emergency support. One weekend in December is set aside for ‘Staff Training’ and a weekend in February is set aside for ‘Staff Prep’, a time when the staff refreshes their skills. Commitments for the Expedition begin in the fall when co-leader selection begins and will end after the final evaluation has taken place in March.

DUTIES: It is expected that the Faculty Staff will:

-Participate in co-leader instruction

-As a new member all expedition meetings beginning with coleader selection will be attended

-Returning Faculty Staff are expected to make an appropriate number of expedition meetings.

-Staff are expected to participate in a staff trip before Holiday break, Staff Training, WFA weekend, trip preparation (this includes food prep, gear prep, and gear check), Staff Prep, & the Expedition

-Support the Faculty Staff in their mission to provide an appropriate growth experience for all participants

-Share technical expertise and group skills with the instructor group

-Be ready to teach informal classes, and perhaps an occasional formal class, on topics appropriate to wilderness travel and living.

-Be an additional safety filter for the Expedition

-Help deal with emergency and medical situations that may arise

-Faculty Staff are expected to participate in a final evaluation meeting after the expedition has returned

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum qualifications include:

-Training in outdoor leadership

-Experience leading extended outdoor trips for under-18 youth

-A cooperative instructor style

-WFR level medical certification preferred

-Clearing a State of California “Livescan” background check (required of all who come in contact with school age children)

Details for employment are to be discussed and agreed upon with the Head of Upper Division

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